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EXPORT_SPEC int UpnpVirtualDir_set_OpenCallback ( VDCallback_Open  callback  ) 

Sets the open callback function to be used to access a virtual directory.

An integer representing one of the following:
  • UPNP_E_SUCCESS: The operation completed successfully.
  • UPNP_E_INVALID_ARGUMENT: callback is not a valid pointer.

Definition at line 3817 of file upnpapi.c.

References VirtualDirCallbacks::open, UPNP_E_INVALID_PARAM, and virtualDirCallback.

      int ret = UPNP_E_SUCCESS;
      if (!callback) {
              ret = UPNP_E_INVALID_PARAM;
      } else {
            virtualDirCallback.open = callback;

      return ret;

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