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#define UPNP_E_INVALID_PARAM   -101

One or more of the parameters passed to the function is not valid.

Refer to the documentation for each function for more information on the valid ranges of the parameters.

Definition at line 132 of file upnp.h.

Referenced by addToAction(), UpnpAddVirtualDir(), UpnpDownloadUrlItem(), UpnpDownloadXmlDoc(), UpnpEnableWebserver(), UpnpRemoveVirtualDir(), UpnpResolveURL(), UpnpVirtualDir_set_CloseCallback(), UpnpVirtualDir_set_GetInfoCallback(), UpnpVirtualDir_set_OpenCallback(), UpnpVirtualDir_set_ReadCallback(), UpnpVirtualDir_set_SeekCallback(), and UpnpVirtualDir_set_WriteCallback().

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