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EXPORT_SPEC int UpnpUnRegisterClient ( UpnpClient_Handle  Hnd  ) 

Unregisters a control point application, unsubscribing all active subscriptions.

This function unregisters a client registered with UpnpRegisterclient or UpnpRegisterclient2. After this call, the UpnpClient_Handle is no longer valid. The UPnP Library generates no more callbacks after this function returns.

UpnpUnRegisterClient is a synchronous call and generates no callbacks.

An integer representing one of the following:
  • UPNP_E_SUCCESS: The operation completed successfully.
  • UPNP_E_INVALID_HANDLE: The handle is not a valid control point handle.
Hnd  [in] The handle of the control point instance to unregister.

Referenced by UpnpFinish().

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